Anne & Chris Engaged | Libby Hill RVA | Sarah Kane Photography

Meet the recently engaged Anne and Chris.  Congratulations to you both, I had an awesome time walking around one of the oldest parks in Richmond (Libby Hill Park) and getting to know this sweet couple! I loved hearing the story of how they met online because that is exactly how I met my hubby Scott. 

Anne+Chris Blog062.JPG

I couldn't have asked for a more beautiful day or a sweeter couple. It’s hard to believe that the day before it was 30 degrees and freezing rain and the next sunny and in the high 50’s! This is why I just love Decembers in Richmond. Not only are winters great, says the girl from Ohio, but there is so much history and character in this city!  I love wandering around areas like Church Hill finding quaint little spots that make such fabulous backdrops.  The possibilities are endless.  I was so excited when we found a tree that had Christmas ornaments hanging from it's branches.  Beautiful views and two people so genuinely in love equals an amazing engagement session! This was Anne and Chris's first time in front of my camera, but you wouldn't know it by looking at their pictures! By the end of our session they were both relaxed and having fun.  Chris was truly a professional model and a master at posing and Anne, well she's just a natural beauty. There were no fake laughs or smiles with her! 

Anne and Chris were so amazing they were even willing to head down a long set of stairs, leading to who knows where, to snap a few shots. I stayed on top of course (where it was safe ;). When they came back up Anne nonchalantly mentioned the are was called "blood run". Yikes! Glad I didn't go down there!! I tried googling it when I got home, but couldn't find anything. I am pretty adventurous, there's not much I won't do to get that perfect shot and I love couples who are willing to humor me and come along for the ride!

Anne and Chris are the perfect fit for one another. I'm so excited for them as they are about to go on one of the first of many great adventures together!