Anniversary | Meadow Farms VA | Sarah Kane Photography

Another gorgeous December day in Richmond and I got to spend it at one of my favorite places with an adorable couple! Kim and Dustin were celebrating nine happy years together and I can't think of a better gift to each other than a photo shoot (with Sarah Kane Photography of course ;) 

Snow Zimmerman Final Dec 27 2013_227.jpg

We met at the very quaint  Meadow Farms and our photo shoot began before Kim and Dustin even got to the top of the hill (love my 70-200 mm lens). My dad, who is learning my photography style to one day second shoot with me, said "I hope that's them". Kim and Dustin were thinking, "I sure hope that's Sarah and not some psycho stalking us!"  

Kim and Dustin were so relaxed in front of the camera, although they assured me otherwise, I'd swear they have pictures taken on a regular basis. Their undeniable connection to one another, combined with a few directions from me, resulted in the sweetest most natural pictures ever! Since this adorable couple was married in December they were hoping for a nice snowy scene. Given Richmond's history for unpredictable weather we weren't counting on it, so I brought some of my own snow (which seems to be becoming my trade mark for winter sessions). They were so cute! It's amazing how something like snow (even if it's not exactly real snow) can bring out the inner child in all of us. You can't help but smile and be happy. 

I was so glad to meet Kim and Dustin's furry baby Sydney. She was such a good girl and looked right at the camera for me! I didn't even have to make silly noises, jump up and down, or bride her with anything. She was the perfect model. Even with free roaming turkeys, horses, and sheep, she was a very good girl. 

Happy Anniversary Kim and Dustin. I wish you many more years of  much love and happiness!