Jeannine & Bryan | Sunday Park Midlothian VA | Sarah Kane Photography

Jeannine and Bryan011.JPG

Another gorgeous day at Sunday Park in Midlothian with an adorable couple! Not only did we have perfect weather, but the light was spectacular as well.  This was my first official shoot with my infamous snow! I didn't tell Jeannine and Bryan what I had planned, but when I showed up with my mistletoe and snow in a bag I was excited to learn that they are huge fans of snow and Christmas! In fact they are self-admitting Christmas fanatics and really go all out with decorating which made me even happier.  They were dressed in the perfect colors too. Jeannine's tights covered in little black bows were absolutely adorable!  I love when everything just comes together.  They were so cute during our session and especially at the end when I pulled out my "Bag O' Snow".  I love how a little bit of magic from your childhood can turn grown adults into giddy carefree kids again. It was a happy day for all and I had so much fun. Thanks for indulging me Jeannine and Bryan!