Thistle Music Box by Tim Harper

I'm so excited to share this unique and amazing Kinetic design by Tim Harper. You may have seen some of Tim's other work like on my website, blog and facebook page :) Tim is the genius behind my new logo!  He's also collaborated on some of the murals you see around Richmond.

This is the first of many sculptures Tim has created out of old parts he finds.  It amazes me that he was able to turn, what some consider junk, into something so unique and beautiful!  

Tim edit07.JPG

When Tim asked me to photograph his sculptures I was really excited to step out of my role as a wedding/portrait photographer and try something new!  It also gave me a chance to play with the video setting on my camera that I never use.

 I was immediately drawn to this sculpture.  What I love about art is how it evokes different emotions and feelings from everyone who views it.  My first impression of the Thistle Music Box was one of misunderstood beauty. This sculpture does not portray the elegant and ornate music boxes I remember as a little girl and is quite the contradiction.

Tim edit14.JPG

Is it weird that I felt a bit of sadness for the Thistle Box?  That if she had a story it would be one of great obstacles she's had to overcome for being different?  Years of being over looked by little girls because she wasn't a beautiful ballerina twirling around a fancy piano draped in blue satin?  I can almost hear the cries of her past as she sits alone on a dusty shelf longing to be delicate and adorned like the other music boxes. My whole perception changed however once  I heard her song and she began to dance. I felt her strength and real beauty shine through.  Her story was now one of confidence and self acceptance.  She embraced all that is unique and different about her, standing tall and proud, singing a lovely tune.

Tim edit04.JPG

Ok, I know what you're thinking, the Thistle Box reminds me of my own sad and lonely childhood. You may be right to some extent.  Although, I had friends I often felt that I didn't quite fit in. That I was different and somehow being different was a bad thing.  I never felt pretty enough compared to the other girls or models I saw in magazines.  It wasn't until I was in my late 20's that I started to accept myself for who I was and started loving all of the things that made  So, yes I'm sure my own experiences played a part in how I view the Thistle Box, but also as a former middle school teacher I've watched children struggle to try and fit in and act like someone they're not.  I've witnessed the effects of pressure that society puts on young girls and boys to be and act a certain way. Not only do I see myself in the Thistle Box, but all of those kids as well.

I'm sure Tim did not have all of this in mind while he brought the Thistle Music Box to life. This is my perception of his work and  I'd like to thank him for not only trusting me to photograph and video his art, but for creating something so beautiful that has evoked such emotion in me.  Art is purely subjective and I love that no two people will view it in exactly the same way. So, thank you Tim for being an individual and sharing your work with all of us. Oh, and congratulations on winning 2nd place at the Artworks All Media show!