The Fab Four {10 Months} | Sarah Kane Photography


I cannot believe it's been close to a year since these little miracles were born!  It seems as though the Smith family has adjusted to their new amazing life.  April and Shawn Thomas work together so well which is imperative when you are raising 5 children under the age of four.


So many new things happening at the Smith's house.  Emerson is the first to crawl and I could barely keep her  away from my camera.  I'm sure it won't be long until her brother and sisters are chasing after her.  Elliot is the first to sprout a tooth, although he was shy about showing it to me.  Kathryn was all smiles and very fascinated with my hat.  I hear she is quite the nose blower at only 10 months.  I would have liked to have seen this in action.  I'm wondering if she can come over and show my 5-year-old how it's done?  Thompson was being a little miss sassy pants by sticking her tongue out at the camera.  She worked it though. 

I can't quite describe the feeling of being around quads.  It's like complete baby sweetness overload.  There's just so much cuteness happening around you that you just don't know what to do! Babies are pure innocence and filled with nothing but love.  They are so intoxicating. Add the unique charm of big brother Mason and you are truly in a happy place.


There's nothing quite like watching a proud big brother smother, and I do mean smother, his baby brother and sisters with hugs and kisses.  Mason is being much more cooperative in front of the camera, although I'm not sure his parents would agree.  Really though, he did not work me nearly as hard as he has in the past.  I just love seeing him grow as much as I do The Fab Four!  

Only a couple more months and Elliot, Thompson , Kathryn and Emerson will be turning 1.       I see a cake smash (or 4) coming to the blog soon :)