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Even though we happened to pick the first hot day of the season Kaitlin & Brian's engagement session turned out to be beautiful! We started things off at Kaitlin & Brian's home in Richmond with their 2 babies Sully and Oliver. There's nothing quite like a welcome from a big loving dog who thinks he's a lap dog! I was kissed from head to toe! Sully and Oliver the cat were both  dressed for pictures sporting the cutest little bow ties. I couldn't believe how cooperative they were!

Kaitlin & Brian's yard was absolutely beautiful! Brian built a gorgeous deck himself and did all of the landscaping. It was very impressive!  Perfect for a photo shoot right down to the newly hatched baby birds snuggled in their nest. We could have done the entire session right in their back yard, but we headed over to Maymont, one of Richmond's greatest treasures, for some more formal pictures.

I have been so amazed this season by how wonderful my couples have been.  Kaitlin & Brian are no exception! They were fun and so easy to  work with.  I love engagement sessions so much, they make me even more excited for the actual wedding!  There is no doubt that Kaitlin & Brian's wedding this October will be filled with nothing but joy and love and I simply cannot wait! 

Time to play!

Dogs | Sarah Kane Photography

There's nothing better than snuggling in a hammock with someone you love!

engagement | Sarah Kane Photography
Dogs | Sarah Kane Photography

Uh oh!!

Oh yes he did and nobody fell out of the hammock! Amazing...

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