The Burnettes | Rocket's Landing & Libby Hill in Richmond VA | Sarah Kane Photography

Rocket's landing | Sarah Kane Photography

It was so much fun photographing this family again for the second year! Their candid shots are some of the best. The Burnettes realize and accept that their child is not part of the 2% of children who actually cooperate in front of the camera. Instead of trying to force Nelson into their world, they entered his and genuine happy memories were made! My camera could not wait to photograph Nelson's "wolf eyes" again! His eyes are the bluest most beautiful eyes I've ever seen! I did not enhance them at all. What you see is what they really look like. Amazing! 

Richmond is such an awesome city with so many cool places for photographs. Photography has really allowed me to get to know this great city since I moved here 6 years ago. Not only has it lead me to all the great spots, but I've met so many great people as well! Turns out Nelson will be going to the same school as my son Brennan and there's a chance they will be in the same class!