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So many exciting things have happened since I left teaching and dove into the world of full-time photographer last June. One thing that has been monumental for me is finding the Richmond Shoot & Share group. This is a community of photographers who collaborate on so many levels to help each other learn and grow. I've already met so many amazing people in the short time I've been a member.

This past Wednesday Seth Mclain organized a Head Shot Swap for members of the group. We would all meet at Maymont partner up with someone and take turns photographing each other. After 15 minutes we would swap partners until we had rotated through everyone leaving each photographer with a whole lot of new headshots for their website! Genius! Not only would we have a bunch of cools pictures, but we would also get to see everyone's unique style. All day we were watching the weather hoping that the rain gods would be looking out for us and hold out until the sun disappeared. Well that was not part of the plain apparently because 15 minutes into our shoot the gods unleashed a fierce rain storm which led me running for the nearest tree.  At first I was really disappointed, but it wasn't long before I knew this rain storm was exactly what was supposed to happen. The creative block I was feeling during Seth's brief session (do to the fact that I could focus on nothing but the villainous black cloud that was encroaching on us) was suddenly lifted and I threw on my camera's rain coat (yes she has her own rain coat) and started snapping away! Melissa Desjardins was the first to volunteer. She's so cute and even cuter twirling about in the rain! Next Seth, Erika, Josh and Kelsey couldn't resist a "jumping in the rain" shot and lastly Erika & Josh embraced the rain with a romantic kiss. Turned out the rain was a gift after all and left me with some beautiful shots! Seth plans to reschedule the event and I'm looking forward to a sunnier day, but am so thankful that the storm hit right when it did!

Before the storm

  picture of Seth McClain-Johnson

picture of Seth McClain-Johnson

Headshots | Maymont RVA | Sarah Kane Photography

Here are the pictures Seth took of me!

Under the tree where my creative block was lifted!

  Melissa Desjardins - Isn't she adorable?

Melissa Desjardins - Isn't she adorable?

Bring on the Rain!

Rain | Sarah Kane Photography
 Whoa! Twirling in the rain can make a girl dizzy!

Whoa! Twirling in the rain can make a girl dizzy!

Pictures in the rain | Sarah Kane Photography

Cuttin Lose!

There's nothing more romantic than kissing in the rain!

kissing in the rain | Sarah Kane Photography
Romantic rain images | Sarah Kane Photography