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 I consider myself to be a "life photographer". I photograph people's lives and tell their story through pictures and I love every moment of it! I have met so many wonderful people through photography and am always touched to witness all of the love and happiness that families share. From weddings, to maternity, to newborns, to watching families grow I am so fortunate to be a part of it and couldn't imagine doing anything else!

For the past 3 years I've donated a photography package to my son's preschool at Primrose for their annual spring fling silent auction. All of the proceeds raised goes to charity, so I am always more than happy to do it! This year the Crabtree family won the package which was absolutely perfect seeing as they were just a few short weeks away from meeting their second son Jacob! At just 7 days old I got to meet him and the entire Crabtree family and be apart of this exciting new adventure they're on. Before even meeting them I had been emailing with Ryan (dad) making arrangements and his excitement and pride for his family was so evident that I knew this was going to be an awesome photo shoot and it was! Andrea (mom) a week after giving birth and mother of two boys just 18 months apart didn't seem a bit tired or overwhelmed.  The absolute sweetest thing I've seen was Big brother Brandon holding his dad's ear like a security blanket. He also loved giving hugs (more like smothers) and kisses to his new built in best friend! My sister and I are only 19 months apart and nobody knows me better than she does. Although we fought like crazy we did everything together and she is definitely my absolute best friend.  Well, enough about me let's meet this lovely family shall we?


Now that Brandon's in his own environment you'll really see his personality shine!

Get ready for some serious cuteness overload!!

newborn portraits in RVA | Sarah Kane Photography
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Newborn Photography in Richmond VA | Sarah Kane Photography

Huge thank you to Anne Weston for assisting me. She is seriously the baby whisperer!