Family Photographer in Midlothian Virginia | Summer Daylillies Morning Mini-Session

I am so excited to post my favorites from this summer's mini-session that I pulled together last minute. The idea came to me when my uncle told me of a man named Don Bright who planted over 100,000 daylilies on his property and was opening it up to the public for FREE!! Wha-what?! Yes, that's right for free. He was especially encouraging photographers and artists to visit. I had to see this so the next morning my aunt and I went to check it out and I was blown away! It was so beautiful and a scene that most photographers only dream of. I of course brought my camera and started photographing all of the beautiful flowers. I was fortunate to meet Don and he was a kind and enthusiastic man. It was so evident that he loved life and appreciated the beauty of nature and wanted to share it with others. I asked him about bringing clients to his garden and he was all for it. The wheels started turning and with only a couple of days notice I managed to sell out 11 spots for the mini-session. I knew the location would draw people without a doubt! The more I walked around the garden and really thought about what Don was doing for the community it became clear to me what I needed to do. I was inspired to offer 15 minute mini-sessions with 1-5 high-resolution digital images for FREE! I've never done a 15 minute session before so I was a bit worried that I wouldn't get many pictures hence the 1-5. Turns out in 15 minutes I got lots of good pictures! It's hard not to with a location like this. Although I wanted to do the sessions for free I ended up having to charge $1 so that I could easily register participants through my website. Apparently I'm not allowed to charge $0 on my store. I suppose I see the logic, selling things for nothing would put one out of business real fast ;) Although it wasn't much I gave the $11 earned that day to Don. 

 Now, without further adieu allow me to share with you some of my favorites from the day! I cannot wait until next year to visit this magnificent garden again!

Morning Session

This little lady held on to that snail the entire time!

Sarah Kane Photography

Loved this sweet brother and sister! You can't even tell that Jackson told me moments before he doesn't really like getting his picture taken. Could have fooled me!

These two remind me of my own little guys!

It's all about the light!