What are Lifestyle Portraits? | Sarah Kane Photography

lifestyle portraits | sarah kane photography

When you think of portraits you may be envisioning a studio with a nice back drop, a photographer positioning you on a stool, chin down just slightly, surrounded by lights and umbrellas. These portraits are called studio portraits and are one of many portrait styles. A portrait simply means the likeness of a person represented by a photograph, painting or drawing (read more about styles of portraits here).

I am a lifestyle portrait photographer.  Lifestyle Portraits show individual's and family's “style of living” through photographs. It is a combination of environmental  and candid portraits. I aim to capture real moments as they happen. This can be in one's home or other location. Although I focus on candid moments I also arrange for some more formal portraits by putting individuals and families into poses, but my camera is constantly snapping so I can get all of those real moments in between.