5 Signs It's Time To Outsource Your Editing | Sarah Kane Photography

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As a photographer what would you say your number 1 complaint is? I'm guessing I already know the answer. Editing. If it's not first on your list I'll bet it's in your top 3! Running a photography business means working around the clock.  Most photographers are doing the job of 10 people. We are editors, accountants, graphic designers, marketing and social media managers, advertisers, stylists, secretaries, and at the very bottom of this list is photographer. Isn't that what you love most?  Don't you want to be out in the field doing what you love? The irony is the more jobs you have the more time you spend editing and sitting in front of a computer. Have you ever had to turn down a client because you knew you could NEVER get the edits done.  The stress and bourdon of editing is most likely holding you back from growing your business. Hiring a private boutique photo editor was the BEST decision I've ever made for my business. I've been asked, "don't you feel like it's not your work anymore?" The answer is no. It is my work. I trained my editor. She is replicating my style and the years I've put into creating the look I want. I check every image before I send them to my clients. Think of it like going to the dentist. She doesn't have time to clean everyone's teach, that's what the dental hygienist does. My dentist comes in at the very end and checks to ensure everything is perfect. 

5 Signs It's Time To Outsource Your Photo Editing

1. Do you spend more then 15 hours a week editing?  (that's almost half of your work load)!

2. Is your image turn-around time more then 7 business days?

3. Have you ever turned down a job because you were so behind in editing?

4. Are you up late editing? Exhausted eyes do not make for good editing.

5. Is your social life non-exsistant? 

 If you answered yes to just 1 of these questions then it is time to take action and outsource your photo editing! Working with your own private boutique photo editor will allow you to remain in control of your edits. You will always know who is editing your images. You can email, call or video with your editor to ensure he/she is replicating your unique editing style that you've worked so hard to establish.