A Little Bit of Christmas Magic on Christmas Day | Sarah Kane Photography

I've always loved Christmas. Even after I no longer heard the ring of Santa's Sleigh bells there was something magical about the time of year. Every Christmas eve, in the small harbor town of Ashtabula Ohio, my family and I would head to church at Mother-of-Sorrows. This was a very old traditional castle like church with beautiful stained glass windows. Also at mass was my grandpa, my aunts, uncle, cousins and all of my friends and classmates. It was the only time of year I didn't dread going to church. The next day my entire family, my mom's side and dad's, got together at my grandpas house for Christmas dinner. I was so fortunate to grow up surrounded by family. When I was 11 everything changed though. My dad got a new job and we moved to Syracuse NY leaving behind family and among other things the magic of Christmas. It just wasn't the same. 

The magic did not return for many years, not until I became a parent. It wasn't so much the fact that Santa once again visited my house or watching my kids willfully run to bed with excitement because the big guy was spotted just a few states away. It's the fact that my family is close by and together again. I am so thankful that my children get to grow up with their grandparents, aunts, uncles and cousins. On Christmas day we all head to my aunt's house for dinner. It is then that the real magic is present. Although this was the first year that Scott (my hubby) was not able to be home for Christmas being surrounded by family made it easier. I hope everyone who celebrates Christmas had a magical day! 

Decorating for Christmas!

This is the coolest toy! Santa brought it for my nephew. It's a Zoomer Dino. They have all kinds. It's a pet you can control with a remote. He'll even do things spontaneously. He is very curious and happy most of the time, but he can get really mad too. After losing our sweet Lily about a month ago Brennan has been asking for another dog. I'm nowhere near ready for that, but perhaps a Zoomer Puppy I could handle. 

You must watch this sad short video of my nephew Colin and all he wants for Christmas.

Aunt Dia's (that's what they call me) got you covered Colin! If it's snow you want, it's snow you shall have!!


After a long day everyone settles in to play with their new "hi-pads" as Grady would say that aunt Sis got them all. Even though they aren't really ipads at all. It's the Fire HD kids Edition Tablet. These are actually pretty cool. They are specifically for kids and parents can set time limits. You can even require a set time to read before you can play games!

Grady only made it until 5:45 pm. Poor little guy crawled onto my lap at the table and fell fast asleep. He actually slept straight through the night until 8:00 am!! It was a very long and exciting week! 

Happy Holidays!