Alicia & Drew | Engagement at Midlothian Mines Park | Sarah Kane Photography

Engagement at Midlothian Mines Park | Sarah Kane Photography

Another gorgeous day for an engagement session at Midlothian Mines Park! I've lived in Midlothian for 6 years now and this was my first photo session at the park. Can you believe that? Sometimes we are blind to the obvious, but I am so glad Alicia chose this park because it is a great location for an engagement session or any kind of session really!

This was a special engagement session because Alicia brought along her 2 very sweet and beautiful daughters for some family pictures as well. It was so nice to see the love this new family shared and meet the girls before Alicia & Drew's wedding. It's obvious the girls adore Drew and Drew adores them just as much!

Anna and Reese were so funny! They were not shy at all in front of the camera and knew how to work their inner divas. Anything I asked them to do they were game. Anna is the perfect big sister. She was so sweet with her little sister Reese. I hope my boys are as sweet to each other when they are their age!  Apparently though the sweetness turns a little bitter during a long car ride to Florida, which I can understand.  Anything beyond 4 hours in the car for me and I'm not as sweet either!

Not only were they darling, but they had some ideas of their own too.  Reese ran under a beautiful tree and struck a pose. She found an amazing spot with perfect light! Reese was also very excited to walk through the tunnel and we promised that at the end of the session we would walk through the tunnel and see if we can find a few more spots for pictures. Turned out the tunnel was an awesome place for pictures! When I snapped the family picture in the light of the tunnel and took a quick peek at my camera screen my stomach got butterflies (yes that still happens to me when I get really excited about a picture)! Reese found another perfect spot once again.

I cannot tell you how excited I am to for Alicia & Drew's wedding in September! It's going to be a small, intimate and romantic wedding at The Mill at Fine Creek. A beautiful venue, a beautiful couple and two beautiful young ladies. How could the pictures not be AMAZING?!  Congratulations Alicia, Drew, Anna & Reese!!