Fall Family Portraits at Robious Landing Park in Midlothian VA | Sarah Kane Photography's Fall Mini-Sessin 2014

holiday pictures in Richmond VA | Sarah Kane Photography

Three years ago I got this crazy idea to hold a marathon of family portraits in one day! I would choose one location and have clients come to me at a discounted rate. I would call them "fall mini-session". Genius! Turns out I wasn't the only one with the bright idea to knock out several family portraits in one day and I didn't coin the term "mini-session" either. Here I thought I was original, but many photographers have been doing this long before I did and calling it a mini-session! I was so naïve. I've come a long way in 3 years!

Regardless of whose idea it was, I posted my mini-session special on facebook and slowly but surely I managed to fill five 20 minute spots! I was beyond excited! Thanks to my wonderful clients posting their images on facebook I had enough inquiries to schedule another day of mini-sessions! I was moving up in the photography world. Ten sessions in two days was more than I had booked all year! Woo hoo!  

Here I am 3 years later and my fall mini-sessions have become so popular that I've added two full days (10 sessions each day) and a spring mini! Who knows perhaps there will be a summer mini too? Another crazy idea I had was to get a snow machine! Best idea and investment. My families seemed to love it, especially the kids (well almost all of the kids). I am to not only take beautiful pictures, but to create unforgettable family memories!

It seems this year I picked the most popular weekend for fall festivities. Every park I first thought of was holding their annual fall festival the same weekend as my minis! As I was racking my brain as to wear to hold the first mini I remembered the park my sister brought me to when we did her "trash the dress" session (See blog post here). I remembered all of the spectacularly huge yellow leaves that were scattered everywhere! On the trees, on the ground, it was perfect! I headed out to Robious Landing Park and new when I saw the angelic light shining through the paths that this was the perfect place for this year's mini session! It was perfect. The light was perfect the entire day, the trees acting as a helpful diffuser and the snow machine was a success! I love my fall minis and can't wait to start planning for the spring!

Seems this bee is the only thing to get this little guy to smile (and being tossed in the air by his daddy)!