Family Portraits at The Carillon in Richmond VA | Sarah Kane Photography

Family Portraits at The Carillon in Richmond V 

Family portraits | Sarah Kane Photography

The Carillon in Richmond VA located at Byrd Park (near Maymont) is such a beautiful location for a family portrait session. There are so many different scenarios to choose from all packed into one small area. There's the staircase leading up to the tower and all of the details on top which seem to be a favorite with the kids (especially little boys). My favorite spot is the beautiful walkway under a canopy of trees. I always feel like I'm entering some kind of magical forest! It's so beautiful and there is such variety that I've actually never left the Carillon, but one could easily find many other beautiful locations throughout Byrd Park. 

I had such a wonderful time with the Pitera family. Little Arabelle, soon to be two, was so sweet. She gave me quite a workout though, but I was able to capture so many natural moments of her just exploring and being two! Kate, Arabelle's mom, was definitely thinking a head when she brought some vintage props to keep her active little girl in once place. For a few minutes anyway. They added a lot to the session! Kate collects vintage items (a girl after my own heart) and it is so much more meaningful when the props used are things that families love! The best was the vintage croquet set. I absolutely love how those images turned out. Kate definitely did her homework and was on the ball with styling too. At one point Chris, Arabelle's dad, had the croquet mallet resting on his shoulder and I said "oh that looks really cool" in which he replied "Kate told me to do it". I need to bring her on all my sessions! Enjoy!