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Family Portraits in Midlothian VA | Lifestyle Family Portrait Photographer

Lifestyle Family Portraits Midlothian VA | Sarah Kane Photography

Before I even met Michelle for her lifestyle family portrait session at Sunday Park in Midlothian I knew she had to be someone special.  For one she is a Kindergarten teacher and that takes a very special person with a lot of patience and love.  Secondly, Michelle was given this photography session as a gift from the parents of her class. Wow! Receiving a gift like that speaks volumes for how they must feel about her! I have to give a shout out to the parents for showing their appreciation for all of Michelle's hard work. Teachers do not always get the respect and gratitude that they deserve.  Last year Michelle and her husband Robert had their first child RJ and her classroom parents thought it would be the perfect gift (personally I can’t think of a better gift :) 

Michelle and I met at the park and we were chatting a bit while RJ was getting his diaper changed by dad.  We were talking about hair and I believe I was mentioning that my youngest son has hair like mine curly and completely unmanageable. Just as I got the words out of my mouth I turned to see RJ and his dad walking towards us and I gasped when I saw the most adorable little boy with a head of hair that will be turning heads and planting smiles on faces for  many many years. I hope RJ likes attention because he’s going to be getting a lot of it! 

He was so cute and so fascinated with my camera! His eyes were fixated on it. Nothing was going to break his concentration. I made every noise I could think of (including the throaty gurgling monster like sound mom confessed he loves thanks to her) Even my squeaky furry friend that sits on my lens was of no interested to RJ.  He wasn’t smiling, but at least he was looking right at the camera.  Not to fear though I finally figured out how to get him to laugh. Apparently he is a fan of one of my kids favorites the “I’m going to get you” game (although it looks a bit different for my 3 and 6 year old). 

We made our way around the park and made the last stop at the playground where I got to document RJ’s first time on a swing! I had a great time getting to know Michelle, Robert and Baby RJ!  By the end of our session I completely understood why Michelle’s students and parents love her so much!