Gemma Bean at Meadow Farms in Glen Allen VA {Richmond VA Newborn Baby Midlothian VA Photographer}


Gemma Bean Turns 4 {Richmond Newborn Baby Midlothian Photographer}

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I can't believe Gemma is 4 years old already! This family started at as a client, my first real client in fact. What I mean by that is Jamie was the first person to hire me that was not a family member, friend or college.  She put her faith in me when I was at the very beginning stages of my photography career and has stuck by me ever since.  I have been photographing Gemma since she was just 3 months old! Gemma and Jamie have become much more than clients. It is so special for me to see and document Gemma as she grows into a beautiful charismatic kind and intelligent little lady! The bond that Jamie and Gemma share is so beautiful to see! I am so grateful everyday that photography came into my life!