How To Prepare Parents For a 3 Month Session | Sarah Kane

How To Prepare Parents For a 3 Month Session | Sarah Kane

How to Prepare Parents for a 3 Month Old Session

I remember my first 3 month session in my brand-new in home studio and thinking “how the heck am I going to pose this baby and give my clients a full gallery of images?” If you can relate then this blog post is going to reduce so much stress and worry for you. In no time you’ll find 3 month sessions to be fast, relaxing and a lot of fun! A great way to earn some extra money and not spend hours in the studio! 

Preparing Parents  

The first step in a successful 3 month session is to prepare the parents a head of time. No matter what type of session you are shooting always make sure parents are prepared and now what to except before their session. This will ensure much happier clients and happier babies! I include the following in my preparation guide:

1. Length of Session

My typical 3 month sessions are approximately 1 hour from the time parents arrive to the time they leave. Actual shooting time is about 30-40 minutes, but I really like to take my time with parents (especially if it's our first time meeting). 

2. What to Bring

I ask parents to bring only 1 - 2 outfits. Most babies get fussy when you dress them. Too many outfit changes can create stress for everyone. If baby has a special doll (that is small) or a small blankey I have them bring that as well to incorporate into the session. I also have them bring along something they know will get their baby smiling! 

3. What I provide

I have a limited variety of baskets and other props that I can lay the baby in along with headbands, wraps and hats. I’ll use blankets and wood backdrops as well. I do let parents know my collection is limited (most are used for newborns) so if they would like something specific they are welcome to bring their own. 

4. Fed and Rested Baby

By this time most babies are on a pretty consistent nap schedule. This may sound like common sense, but not everyone thinks of it (especially if you are a new parent). Make sure you do not schedule a session during the baby's nap time. Unlike a newborn session you do NOT want a sleepy baby! Also, be sure that the baby has eaten before his/her session. 

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