Lifestyle Family Portraits at Bryd Park in Richmond Virginia | Sarah Kane Photography

Family Portraits at The Carillion at Byrd Park in Richmond Virginia

family portraits at The Carillon at Bryd Park | Sarah Kane Photography

Another beautiful day in the great Richmond Virginia and another awesome family session at The Carillon at Byrd Park (or as my kids like to call it the castle)! So many really amazing locations in Richmond for photography, I am so thankful that photography has helped me discover all of the  wondrous beauty that Richmond has to offer!

The Spruill family were all as nice as could be!  My job is so rewarding in so many ways. I have met so many wonderful families! Jacob and Sydney were such very sweet and polite kids as well! I learned that Sydney and I share something in common, a love for photography! Turns out she is an aspiring photographer and I look forward to seeing her work very soon! She also had on the most amazing twirly dress that was so cool to photograph. It's actually called a twirly dress too! It was a lot of fun because she was as excited as I was to see all of the pictures as I took them. We decided that one of them reminded us of the prize lamp from A Christmas Story (the clean version of course).  Jacob was also very sweet and into getting cool photos of blowing a handful of wishes, I hope all of his wishes come true!

As always the kids had some very cool ideas and I'm always willing to listen.  Sydney really wanted to have her picture taken climbing a tree, so the entire family was game! Even mom climbed in dress and all! Definitely my kind of family! Tracy and I were both thinking the same thing at first, the family in the tree could either be really cute or end up in an awkward family photo book or website, but my vote is it turned out really cute! Most importantly it was a special memory for the kids!! Thank you Spruill family for making memories with me!

twirly dress | Sarah Kane Photography
twirly dress | Sarah Kane Photography