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And the best dressed family award goes to...the Thomas family! Don't you just love how coordinated everyone is, but not too matchy? This family looks like they belong on a cover of a magazine. Would you believe me if I told you this was their very first professional photo shoot ever? They look like they are paid to do this! Seriously though, what an honor it was to photograph the Thomas's during their first portrait experience (no pressure or anything :) When they stepped out of the car I was so excited to see them styled from head to toe and ready to rock their shoot! Everyone picked out their own outfits and did an impressive job.

Mia was worried that being so late in the season (early December) it may not be the best time for pictures, but I knew just the place to take them and the perfect props to bring along to make it special.  Although it was pretty chilly you wouldn't know it on their faces. There are so many images I love from this session, but the ones that really strike my heart are of 10-year-old Chase having fun with the snow machine and watching his family laugh and filled with joy. My goal is not only to deliver beautiful images, but to deliver a memorable experience, so that when my families look at their pictures in 20 years, they are not just seeing a well polished portrait, they are reliving memories! Thank you Thomas family for allowing me to make memories with you!