Lindsay & Thad | Wedding at The Country Club of Petersburg VA | Sarah Kane Photography

Petersburg VA Wedding | Sarah Kane Photography

Another beautiful wedding with a wonderful couple at The Country Club of Petersburg! Lindsay & Thad's wedding was filled with laughter and love. Although it was a bit humid the sun was shining and there was an occasional breeze to cool things down. Can't complain about that! Once Lindsay began walking towards Thad and the bridal music filled the air I forgot all about the heat and was swept away by the pure joy on both of their faces. Thad was beaming and Lindsay looked so beautiful in her dazzling beaded wedding dress. Everything was absolutely perfect! I love the uniqueness of every wedding I photograph. Lindsay & Thad chose to include Thad's brother to help officiate the ceremony. What a special gift for all of them! I love that Thad's daughter Savannah walked Thad down the isle. That is something both will always remember.

Lindsay & Thad left plenty of time after the ceremony for formal pictures and it surely paid off. We were able to take our time, moving around to capture some great moments between Lindsay & Thad! There's nothing worse than rushing through the most important formals (the bride & groom of course)! It's a mistake I made at my own wedding and is one of my biggest regrets.

Thad & Lindsay entered the reception as husband & wife sharing a first dance. Thad saved another dance for another very important lady in his life, Savannah. It was one of the sweetest moments of the night! Savannah continued to steal the show for me during the speeches when she took the mic and made a speech of her own! It is obvious by the way Savannah looks at Lindsay that there is genuine love between them.

The night continued with dancing, love and laughter and ended with bubbles, love and laughter! It was fun to see not only the kids getting into the bubbles, but the adults as well. It doesn't matter how old you are when the bubbles are out we all are kids at heart! Bubbles makes everyone happy! Congratulations Lindsay, Thad & Savannah, much love and happiness to you all!

Without fail, whenever I'm photographing a wedding, the kids ALWAYS spot my camera!

The Country Club of Petersburg VA Wedding | Sarah Kane Photography

Here comes the bride!

Proud Mama & Papa!

Petersburg VA Wedding | Sarah Kane Photography

Marek thinking outside the box and in the bushes. It paid off, great shot!!

Petersburg VA | Wedding Photography | Sarah Kane Photography

Savannah gets her own photo shoot!

Sarah Kane Photography

Bring on the bubbles!