Mary-Kathryn & Andrew | Engagement at Meadow Farms in Glen Allen VA | Sarah Kane Photography

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After all of this cold weather we've been having I wasn't hopeful that Mary-Kathryn & Andrew's engagement session at Meadow Farms was going to be a warm one. Much to my surprise it turned out to be a beautiful day! This can be a difficult time of year for outdoor photography. You never know what the weather will bring, cold, wind or rain even sleet.  Thankfully we had none just warmth and sunshine! Another tricky thing about photographing outside this time of year is choosing a location that is still beautiful with bare trees. Meadow Farms is my go to spot any time of year.  Winter, spring, summer or fall Meadow Farms is a beautiful choice for an engagement session or family session!

I hadn't had the privilege of meeting Mary-Kathryn & Andrew before their engagement session and I had no idea what they looked like. There were a few other photographers at Meadow Farms, so anybody could have been coming for pictures. I spotted a couple dressed too nice for a casual stroll in the park and took a chance that it was Mary-Kathryn & Andrew. I began to photograph them with my telephoto paparazzi lens as they walked up the hill. If it wasn't them I'd surely have some explaining to do.  I'd be a little freaked out if someone I didn't know was stalking me with a camera! It was them and all was well.

I love engagement sessions because it really gives me a chance to get to know my couples. Mary-Kathryn & Andrew met the same way I met my hubby, on an online dating site! If you are single you should give it a shot. I know so many people who have met this way and it's just plan fun!  I also  learned that Andrew & I both lived in Buffalo NY! It's always cool to talk to someone about a place you've lived and I get so excited when someone knows certain locations. The place I get most excited about when I meet someone from Buffalo is talking about the Mecca of all grocery stores, Wegmans, which by the way, if you haven't heard, they are coming to Midlothian and Short Pump!! If you've never been to a Wegmans you are in for a real treat! I worked as a coffee barista at Wegmans when I lived in Buffalo and they are a great company to work for!

Mary-Kathryn & Andrew were very comfortable in front of the camera which makes my job a breeze! We had a very relaxed session and I cannot wait to photograph their wedding! I'm very excited that their reception will be at the gorgeous historical Jefferson Hotel in Richmond. Congratulations Mary-Kathryn & Andrew!!