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Meet Jennifer & Mohamed everyone! Where do I even begin to write about this couple and their maternity experience? This particular session with these soon-to-be first time parents (which is pretty darn exciting all on it’s own) was even more special because Jennifer & Mohamed recently purchased their first home together (and when I say recently I mean they just moved in 2 weeks ago) and guess what? I was their very first guest!!! They are working hard to make their new house a home for when their baby arrives.  I know all too well what they are going through because I moved to the Richmond Virginia area 8 months pregnant with my first baby and although it was beyond exciting, it was also very stressful, but they seem to be holding everything together just fine!

My goal as a photographer is not just to take beautiful images that will be passed down from generation to generation, but to give my families an experience beyond beautiful images. I’m not a “show up and shoot” kind of gal. I like interacting and getting to know people. I want my clients to feel special and when I walked into Jennifer & Mohamed’s home they went and turned the tables on me! On their kitchen table sat a plate of sliced watermelon and cheese & crackers just for me!! Wait a minute, I’m supposed to be the one making them feel special here! Mohamed even covered my water while we were taking some pictures outside in their beautiful garden so no bugs would land in it. They completely made my night, I felt so welcome in their home. 

Now let me rave about how breath taking Jennifer looked wearing a long, light and flowing, sheer Somali dress known as a Dirac. Mohamed’s family is Somali and the dress was given to Jennifer by Mohamed’s mother. It’s a traditional dress worn during formal events. Jennifer wore it at her own wedding and I love that she chose to wear it during her maternity experience as well! 

I had such a wonderful evening with a very sweet and thoughtful couple. I could not be happier for Jennifer & Mohamed as they prepare to enter the amazing (and surreal) world of parenthood! I wish their family much love and happiness for many long years to come!