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Maternity Photography in Glen Allen VA

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It's hard to believe that I am entering my 5th year in the photography business.  It all began with a passion, lots of encouragement and a big dream. So many people supported and believed in me, so I mustered up the courage and  headed to the circuit courts, filed for a business license, got a website and boom, I was an official business. That's all it took, easy right? I wish it were that simple and easy, but I'll save that journey for another blog post.

The point of the intro is, 4 years ago this summer Malesa was pregnant with Clement (the angelic looking boy with the fabulous lips, porcelain skin and huge blue eyes you'll soon meet in the pictures). Once I had my fancy website up I needed some images for my online portfolio. At the time I was teaching at Tuckahoe Middle school and there just happened to be three women who were all pregnant and due within weeks of each other, Malesa being one of them.  I didn't really know the ladies all that well and I felt kind of silly asking if I could do maternity pictures of them, especially because I really had no idea what I was doing. I wasn't sure what they would say, but all three agreed and also allowed me to experiment with their brand new babies and that was the starting point of my business (back then I was known as Dia Marie Photography).  After that it seemed everyone I knew was pregnant, so naturally that was the direction  I went.

I am so grateful that Malesa believed in me (more than I believed in myself at the time) and allowed me into her home even trusting me to take some rather intimate pictures of her big beautiful belly! Not only was my business born, but a lasting friendship. Now four years later I am beyond excited to do maternity images for Malesa once again. This session was very special for me and I cannot wait to photograph this family with their newest addition. I especially can't wait to photography Clement this time as a big brother! From the bottom of my heart, thank you Malesa, Brandon, Clement and everyone else who took a chance on me! Now get ready to smile because this is the sweetest family ever!!