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maternity portraits | Midlothian VA | Sarah Kane Photography

So happy to share this maternity session with you all! I love maternity shoots because as I've mentioned before there's nothing more beautiful than an expecting mother! I can say that now that I'm not pregnant, but when I was I probably would have popped someone in the nose for saying that to me! Kristin is no exception! I am excited not only because it's a maternity session but also because Kristin is my neighbor. When she asked me to take a few maternity pictures of her and her adorable daughter Courtney I was more than willing, on one condition, she let me test out my new vintage couch before using it to photograph a 6-month-old baby! The couch needed some work, but I was hoping that I could hide that fact in photos.  Take a look and tell me what you think (view the images here).

Kristin agreed, but first we got some pictures of Courtney, her mommy and her new baby brother or sister (I can't wait to find out) hanging out at home.  Courtney was so cute snuggling with her mommy on the bed! I knew those pictures were going to turn out to be heart melting and sure enough they did! A few more pictures of Courtney in her room with her baby dolls and then off to try out the new couch! By the time we got out there the sun was a little bright, but we made it work and I was shocked and ecstatic that the couch looked in perfect condition in the photos!! Speaking of perfect Kristin looked amazing! I was very excited for these pictures and even more excited to meet the newest baby Butler!