Meet Baby Isabella | Maternity, Newborn & Baby Photographer in Midlothian Virginia

baby portrait | Sarah Kane Photography

Meet 3 month old Baby Isabella everyone! It's babies like Isabella that make me feel extra grateful that I am a photographer. It was such an honor to photograph another sweet baby girl in my Midlothian studio last week!  Just look at that little face.  Some babies don't really look like babies at all. They look like tiny little adults stuffed into a little baby body and that's exactly what I saw when I looked at Isabella.  Maybe it's because of all that hair, or the fact that she looks exactly like her beautiful mama. She was absolutely adorable!! Oh and I know I've mentioned this before, but I have a soft spot for little baby chunks.  It's likely because big babies run in my family.  I was a whopping 11lbs 1oz ( I love you Mom) and my sister was close to 10 lbs. My sister's kids were both between 8-almost 10 lbs and I was terrified that both of my boys were going to be enormous.  Brennan was actually a normal size of 7.53 oz, but he looked so tiny.  He made up for his lack of baby fat though when he hit 4 months.  Chunk was an understatement.  We always heard that babies won't over eat and will stop when they are full, but apparently that is not the case for all babies.  Brennan could eat anytime anywhere and we'd have to cut him off sometimes at 10-12 oz!! He would then scream his head off for more! That kid could throw down a bottle that's for sure!  He eventually slimmed down and now has become quite the picky eater. So when I get a baby with a little more roles in the studio it reminds me of my little chunk and makes me happy.  Of course I've never met a baby who didn't make me happy.

Isabella rocked her solo session and was all tuckered out when it came time for her and mommy to pose.  She managed to hang on long enough for me to snap a few pictures and then she was ready for some food and some sleepy time.  Once mommy lulled her to sleep I grabbed a few more precious little moments of Isabella and her mama all snuggled up.  They melted my heart.