Rachel & Chance | Wedding at Amber Grove in Mosely VA | Sarah Kane Photography

Wedding at Amber Grove in Mosley VA | Sarah Kane Photography

Rachel & Chance had the most  beautiful wedding at the elegant and charming venue of Amber Grove! Amber Grove is the perfect venue for a wedding big or small! There are so many options for a ceremony and reception. Whether you choose outside in the gardens,  the rustic barn, the gorgeous manor house or the huge outdoor tent you cannot go wrong with this venue! It wouldn't be a winter wedding without a little bit of snow! If you don't remember it snowing yet this seasons that's because it didn't.  My adorable little snowman machine has been getting a lot of use lately!

Rachel & Chance chose the date of December 8 (the anniversary of when they started dating) for their very intimate wedding of 10 guests. The house was decorated to the hilt for Christmas and was more beautiful than I imagined. Every room, table and banister was covered in Christmas.  Speaking of beautiful Rachel was absolutely stunning! I first met Rachel & Chance when during a model call I was holding for couples to pose for engagement pictures. I was looking to build my portfolio and they came across my ad on facebook. We met at Sunday Park and they couldn't be more easy going, sweet and happened to both be extremely photogenic!

When Rachel later asked me to photograph their wedding I was thrilled!  I was even more excited when I found out that they would be getting married at Amber Grove. When I first saw the barn all lit up with string ball lights I think my heart skipped a beat! I couldn't wait to photograph their wedding.

I am a total DIY kind of gal and can so appreciate Rachel's thriftiness of planning her wedding. Her gorgeous wedding dress is from the Vera Wang White collection, however Rachel got it at a HUGE discount because she purchased from preownedweddingdresses.com! What a genius idea!! If you think about it brides spend sometimes thousands of dollars on a wedding dress that they will wear only once in their life. Why not save money and buy pre-owned? Think of how much money you would have to invest elsewhere like, oh I don't know, photography ;)

Since it was such a small wedding Rachel only needed a bridal bouquet. I had a crazy idea that I could help her make it using some purchased flowers and shrubbery from my sister's yard! Crazy right? Well, the part about me actually making it because I didn't know a think about making a bouquet! Thankfully the very multi-talented Tara Pattengale came to the rescue! Rachel spent $20 on 3 types of flowers, pale pink roses, baby's breath and some pretty green ball like flowers (I have no idea what they are called) and the rest did come from my sister's yard! You thought I was kidding about that didn't you? Tara did a phenomenal job on Rachel's bouquet and it cost less than $40 for flowers and supplies! Everything was perfect!

Congratulations Rachel & Chance, may you have much love and happiness always in your life!


Bride's Dress Vera Wang White Collection - Preowened Wedding Dresses

Groom's Tuxedo - Men's Warehouse

Hair - Jaci Chmielewski  

Makeup - Nicole Laughlin Makeup Artist 

Flowers - Fresh Market and My sister's backyard :)

Bouquet - Tara Pattengale