Ribbon Christmas Tree | DIY Christmas Decorations | Sarah Kane Photography

DIY Christmas Decorations | Sarah Kane Photography

This Christmas tree made out of ribbons is a fun way to add nature, color and fun to your Christmas decor! All you need is a stick, wire, ribbon, hot glue gun (or any glue that can will work with wire and ribbon). If you can find enough ribbon that already has wire this will save you a lot of time! You won't have to glue the wire on. 

FIRST Cut your first ribbon to the desired length (this ribbon will be tied at the top of your tree to resemble the first branch).

NEXT you will want to cut the next ribbon about an inch or 2 longer so it will be just slightly longer that the first. Repeat this step all the way to the last ribbon (this will give you the tree shape). 

IF gluing wire on you will need to cut the wire the same length as the ribbon. If you do not use wire the ribbon will droop down. 

TIE the ribbon around the stick in order from shortest to longest and shape the ends to get the desired effect. 

NEXT- cut out a star shape and glue to the top of the tree (I found an image online of a star and cut out the shape using yellow foam board which I then spray painted gold. You can use any material or color you'd like). 

FINALLY - take a piece of wire and wrap it around the top of the branch and create a loop to hang it on your wall.  You're done, enjoy!

NOTE: you can also make smaller versions with small sticks and make tree ornaments!

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