Richmond Va Maternity Photographer on The James River | Sarah Kane Photography

Richmond Va Maternity Photographer on The James River | Sarah Kane Photography

maternity portraits in Richmond VA

There are so many factors that determine the best location for a maternity portrait session. First, what type of setting has the best feel for the couple. Do they prefer an urban setting with skyscrapers, busy streets, mural art, and all of the unique architecture that Richmond offers? Or are do they like a quieter setter with open fields, towering trees or rustic barns. Part of booking a Maternity Experience with me is working together to select the perfect location. A popular location for a maternity session is The James River. There are so many great spots. I’ve scouted all along the river and found one that I love!  

After we’ve selected the perfect location the next factor is time of day. When you begin your session is going to determine what kind of light you will have. It is so important to schedule an outdoor maternity session no more then 2 hours before sunset. If you want to catch the “golden hour” then you need to have the session one hour before sunset. This is when the light from the sun is absolutely magical! You cannot get his kind of light any other time of the day. 

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Pregnancy is such an amazing experience. It's like no other experience you will have in your lifetime. Although 9 months can seem like an eternity once your baby arrives you will look back on it and realize it was such a short amount of time. Maternity portraits capture all of the beauty, excitement and love that a couple shares during this time. I've never heard anyone say that they regretted having had maternity portraits taken. I have only heard of the regrets of those who didn't. 

I couldn't have asked for better light or a more beautiful couple for this maternity photography session in the James River! If you are looking for a truly unique Experience this is it! The Maternity Experience includes use of my maternity gowns. I have a large collection of maternity gowns, so you will find the dress that is perfect for you!