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Meet the Paleys everyone! I had the privilege of photographing this wonderful family in their home this fall. A couple of years ago I also had the privilege of photographing Park's older cousin Bowen and his family in their home! Receiving a referral is the greatest honor and when I am trusted enough to be referred to a family member it is an even greater honor!  

When I arrived at the Paley's home and saw Parks I immediately wanted to scoop him up and squeeze him tight. He was a little ball of love an adorable chunk of a baby! He looked just like my oldest son Brennan. He was a little chunk as well. I love all babies, but there's something about a little chunky baby I cannot resist!! 

Unfortunately Parks was not has happy to see me as I was to see him. He was a little on the cranky side, but you'd never know it from his pictures. He was quite the professional. Though tired, possibly hungry and maybe not feeling well he managed to suck it up for a few of the pictures and look at the camera. He seemed happiest though when he was stripped down into nothing but a diaper and snuggled in a basket with his friend full of stuffing "lamby". My son Brennan also had a friend named lamby that he was very attached to (and still is).  

children's photographer in Richmond VA | Sarah Kane Photography

I've mentioned before that I love when families include their pets in pictures and the Paley's furry little family member was so cooperative! I realized the real importance of including pets in family pictures since we lost our sweet Lily a few months ago. She was 15-years-old and we never included her in a family picture (an organized one anyway) because it was hard enough getting the boys to cooperate and I couldn't handle the stress of adding her too (she was very sweet, but full of energy even as she aged). Last spring I knew we didn't have long with her and that's when I realized she was never included in our pictures and I was desperate to get pictures with her. Thankfully we got them in time!