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Portrait Photographer in Richmond VA | Sarah Kane Photography

Another favorite location in Richmond for family portraits is right along the James River at Belle Isle. This park is so beautiful in the fall! It has so many different backdrops to choose from. Whether you are jumping rocks along the river, set in a tall field of grass, strolling through the paths, admiring the cityscape from the Pedestrian Bridge (or even from the river) or exploring the ruins of buildings left behind, this park has so much to offer!  Not only is Belle Isle a great choice for a portrait session, but Brown's Island is right there too and is another great spot for a portrait session!

The Pedestrian Bridge, also known as the Suspension Bridge, is so magnificent! When I take my boys there we like to pretend that the bridge is a path that leads to a secrete portal that takes you to Narnia! When you get to the end of the bridge there is an industrial walkway that really does feel like you are heading into another dimension (that is if you haven't lost your imagination). It leads you straight to a massive opening which once served as a prison for Union soldiers during the American Civil War.  We then explore all of the "secret paths" in this strange land until we head back through the portal to our home land! I have so much fun with my own family at this park.

Speaking of fun families I'd like to introduce you to the Richards family! A very easy going family who loves the water.  Little Dean captured my heart with his calm demeanor and sparkling blue eyes! Mom and Dad helped me out and knew exactly how to get him to smile! Oh and what a smile it was! All it took was a toss in the air from Daddy or a squeeze from Mommy! Don't worry Dean, I don't take it personally that you wouldn't smile for me. I'm not really all that funny.

Well, I hope you enjoy meeting this family as much as I did! Wishing the Richards family much love and happiness  in 2015!