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Twin Portraits | Meadow Farms Glen Allen VA | Sarah Kane Photography

Fall is one of my favorite times of year for photography.  Meadow Farms, at Crump Park in Glen Allen VA, is one of my favorite locations for a family portrait session. Winter, spring, summer or fall Meadow Farms is the perfect backdrop for a portrait session of any kind! The barns, trees and animals bring the colonial feel of Williamsburg right to Glen Allen.  I've been photographing families and couples at Meadow Farms going on four years now.  It is so beautiful with the historic charm of Williamsburg, but without the crowds that is until this year. Sure I'd occasionally run into a photographer here or there, but it was rare.  It seems though this year the secret is out.  On the weekends you can expect to see three to four photographers. During the peak fall season expect fifteen to twenty!! I couldn't believe my eyes when I showed up for my mini-session this year only to find that every photographer in the area was also having their mini-session that day! It's all good though. I am a huge supporter of other photographers and I'm glad this beautiful location is available to us all and the best part is, it's free!!

So, now it's time to meet the Campbell family and their adorable twin boys!! What little sweethearts they are.  I love capturing siblings interacting, but watching these two tiny men explore together, throw leaves at each other and give hugs was extra special! They were so good natured and excited when it was time to play in the leaves. The expressions on the boy's faces was priceless! I have to say those are my favorite of the bunch! I had a smile on during the entire session, through all of the editing and then again when I chose the images for this blog post!  I cannot say it enough how truly grateful I am to be able to capture such special moments in a family's life. Now it's time to meet this wonderful family, but I want to leave you with this sweet little saying "Because I have a brother, I will always have a friend". This is so true! Much love and happiness to the Campbell family!