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I've been asked on occasion why I include a complimentary engagement session in my wedding experience and the answer is simple, I don't want the wedding to be the first time I am interacting with my couples. As a photographer I am involved in every aspect of the wedding day and am entrusted in photographing very intimate moment. I feel so much more connected to my couples when I've had a chance to get to know them a bit and I feel it not only helps the couple to relax, but it helps me capture emotions when I feel that connection.

Engagement sessions are just all around fun for me and my couples! It's a chance to take a break from the stress of wedding planning, relax and have fun with each other. I regret not getting engagement photos when I was married for many reasons. The biggest reason though is I don't have any quality pictures of just me and my husband outside of our wedding day.  I want to give my couples the full wedding experience without them having to worry about spending more money by adding an engagement session. When things start to add up it's something many opt to eliminate and I feel it's too important to cut out.

The engagement session was especially important for Emily &Travis seeing as they live out of town and we've never actually met in person until then. Our initial meeting was via Skype and although it's more personal than a phone call it's just not the same as meeting in person. Turns out Emily's mother lives in my neighborhood and Emily & Travis were kind enough to invite me and my family to their neighborhood block party for a cook out right before our session. It was so nice, I was able to spend a little bit of time with Emily & Travis before we started taking pictures as well as meet Emily's mom and two brothers! Since photographers spend a lot of weekends and evenings away from family Emily thought it would be nice if I was able to have dinner with my family before we left. How sweet is that? I know I say this time and time again, but I truly am so fortunate and grateful to work with such amazing people! 

Emily & Travis were just as adorable in person as they were on video! They both have such a peaceful way about them. They are all around sweet and the story of how they met just adds to the sweetness. Emily & Travis went to the same college and met each other while traveling through the Middle East and Europe. In every country they fell deeper in love. Now that's the kind of story you only hear about in the movies, so romantic!

I love when my couples choose their own locations especially when it's a place I've never been! Emily grew up in Richmond and after a more formal session at the VMFA we headed over to Great Shiplock Park for some casual pictures. This was my first time at the park and am excited to add it to my list of locations! Although we were racing the sun we managed to get some great pictures before we lost the light completely. We almost didn't get into the park. Rocket's Landing was having a Memorial day celebration and the parking lot was closed. The nice police officer let us go in and check for a spot and as luck would have it we found one! The best part of the night, as we were leaving, was the view of fireworks. Many unplanned events occurred that evening which could have really put a damper on things, but in the end it turned out just perfect! Things happen for a reason. Emily & Travis thank you for a wonderful evening and for being so flexible and calm! I cannot wait for your wedding!