Spring Mini-Sessions | Richmond VA family Fredericksburg Portrait Photographer

Spring Mini-Sessions | Richmond VA family Fredericksburg Portrait Photographer

I have been photographing these sweet little girls for going on 3 years now! It is so special to watch children grow! These two little ladies never disappoint. They are full of giggles and are such a joy to photograph! Big sister has been charming from the first time I met her and little sister is following right behind! I know I say it all of the time, but I'm going to just keep saying, I am so very grateful for my job and the amazing families I am honored to get to know throughout the years! 

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Vintage Child Portraits | Midlothian VA | Sarah Kane Photography

Child Portraits | Midlothian VA | Sarah Kane Photography

Where do I even begin? I am so excited to share this Midlothian Vintage photography session because it is very unique and something I've never done before! When Anne contacted me about taking a few portraits of her new child in the family's christening gown that has been handed down from generation to generation over the past 100 years I was ecstatic. I love photographing things that have meaning! She wanted a setting that had a vintage feel to compliment the history of the gown. I immediately started racking my brain for ideas, but was coming up short. I reached out to my awesome and supportive photography community for ideas and still nothing seemed to be right. With a few weeks away from our session I still had nothing. Now I am a firm believer that everything happens for a reason and if you pay attention to the little signs the universe sends you and are just still for a moment things will work out and that's exactly what happened. I wasn't stressing too much about it because we did have a back up plan if we couldn't find a more unique place, but I'll admit I would have been disappointed.

My good friend Francesine knew I had been searching for a vintage couch and happen to find one at a yard sale. She texted me with a picture, but I didn't see it until they had left.  When I got her text and saw the picture of the couch that was only $25 I immediately  texted her back asking where it was and hoping it was still there (even though I had no idea how I was going to get it home safely). She and her husband without hesitation volunteered to pick it up for me and deliver it to my house. They are such kind awesome people! When I saw it I was so excited despite the amount of work I knew this couch was going to need to be suitable for clients and pictures. For $25 though if it just sat in my garage for the next 10 years it was worth it! My husband might disagree ;)

I received the couch and started thinking maybe it wouldn't look too bad in photos as is (for now) and it might be cool to use it for the christening gown shoot. I ran it past Anne and she liked the idea. I was couldn't wait to try out my new couch! On the day of our session it was dreary and light showers. I left it up to Anne if she wanted me to throw my camera's rain coat on or reschedule. She decided to reschedule and I'm so glad she did because the rain brought beautiful wild yellow flowers that added the perfect touch to the shoot!  I love how these turned out and can't wait to use this couch again! Baby Reece knocked it out of the park with this shoot! She looks like a little vintage porcelain doll. Enjoy!

I couldn't leave big sister out!


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