The Sweetser Family | Family Portraits at Mid-Lothian Mines Park | Sarah Kane Photography

Family Portraits | Mid-Lothian Coalmines | Sarah Kane Photography

Another beautiful day and family portrait session at Mid-Lothian Mines Park! Mid-Lothian Mines is quickly becoming one of my favorite locations for portrait session and not just because it is close to home! The trails allow for great light through the tall trees that stretch up to the sky, the tunnel lets me be creative with silhouettes (oh and the kids LOVE it) and of course you have the water and trees that always make for a nice backdrop. You can't go wrong with this place!

The Sweetser family showed up looking quite dazzling! I absolutely love it when my families take the time to really coordinate their outfits without over doing it and being too "matchy". It really does add that extra wow factor to your photographs. Everyone was very well put together. Tiffany did an awesome job!!

The kids were a lot of fun and as with 95% of the kids I photograph they certainly kept me on my toes! Even though it can be a challenge I love photographing kids who have a lot of energy and big personalities. Not only do these personality traits create the best photos, but I get a work out in as well. If it weren't for photographing kids I wouldn't get any exercise at all!!

All of the kids had unique personalities and I love how they show in the images. One of the boys reminded me so much of my oldest son. They had very similar personalities and I imagine this is how Brennan will be in a few years! Not only did the kids impress me with their charm, but they had some great location ideas as well!

At the end of the session it was time to play with some snow! I like to save it until the end so I can use it as a bride for the kids (hey,do what you've got to do right?). They get so excited when they  see it! I'm sure it has something to do with the fact that snow is a novelty here in VA. It doesn't matter that it's not real snow (and as Luke found out it doesn't taste very good either) they still love it and I love the smiles on their face! It's always so much fun!!

Looks like someone painted over the very unattractive gravity in the tunnel. I'd say it still needs a little work, but hey look it matches their outfits!

Let it snow! I wish I had my snow machine for this session. It arrived a couple weeks too late!