The next two very important players in my life and business are the 2 little guys. My oldest is Brennan and the youngest is Grady. Brennan is the reason I picked up a manual camera since high school and started learning again.  When he was born I wanted to document every second of his life which I did and eventually with encouragement from friends and family decided to start a business.  Having a fancy camera and a passion for photographing life is not enough though to run a successful business.  There are so many aspects involved and two key traits one must have is self-confidence and determination. I'm going to let you in on a little secrete about me. I wasn't always motivated and I didn't always have a high sense of self worth. My 20's were mostly spent struggling to find my way in this world and although I made it though college I was not a highly motivated individual. Despite these downfalls one thing I did have was self-awareness and a desire to change, but it wouldn't happen over night. When I found out I was pregnant that's when I truly understood the importance of self love.  There was no way I could raise my children to love themselves and be the best they can be if I wasn't able to do it myself. That's when the spark was lit and I haven't looked back. My self-confidence would be tested many times throughout my journey in this business and I am a stronger and better me because of it! 


I'd like to introduce you to the most important and meaningful part of my life my family! Although they are behind the scenes each one of these 3 guys plays a very important role in my business. First let me introduce you to Scott (the tall one). Eight years ago we had a very non-traditional murder mystery wedding weekend event.  I knew any man who would agree to this and allow Karaoke instead of a DJ or band at our wedding was a keeper!  We met on (I can finally say that without blushing). Although we met online our paths crossed many times in the 10 years before we met. We both went to Kent State University in Ohio and although he was a year ahead of me we lived in the same dorm on the same floor, but never met.  At one point, after college, I had an apartment that was 2 blocks away from his house (that I would later move into) and would walk my dog past it all of the time. I remember the house because it was a white brick tudor built in the 1920s and I always admired its unique qualities.  During my many walks we never met.  Scott is one of the most patient, gentle and kindest men I know (next to my father that is). I'm so thankful that my friend talked me into giving online dating a try! I know not everyone has success with it (I have a few interesting stories myself, but that is more of an in person conversation ;). Our's however is a success story and Scott has been supportive of me and my business every step of the way!


Family. Just the right amount of chaos & Love