I love up-cycling!  My brain is always in creative mode, so the challenge of taking something that is outdated and turning it into something new, fresh and one of a kind is very appealing to me! Most of my up-cycling projects involve small crafts because I just don't have time for bigger ones, maybe when I retire. Some of my favorite places to shop are thrift stores. I know that probably sounds crazy to a lot of people. It's not even about how inexpensive everything is, for me it's more about the thrill of the hunt. You have to really look and think outside of the box when you are at a thrift store. As a collection most of the items on the shelves look like junk, but if you are able to imagine a piece out of that environment and in a whole new element a piece of junk easily becomes something fabulous that I guarantee nobody else will have!

One of my latest projects was my studio computer desk. I love my studio! It is very cozy, warm and inviting. It's the perfect space to photograph newborns, but is not very large. I had to be creative when finding a place for my computer desk. The one I had was big and bulky and no matter where it was it seemed to always be in the way.  I got an idea to take the doors off of the closet and put my computer desk inside. The only problem was finding a desk that would fit into that space.  It wasn't a very deep closet, so a standard desk was not going to work. I searched many high and low on the Internet, but just couldn't come up with anything, so I headed to the Diversity Thrift in Richmond and found a vanity dressing table for only $30! It was built out of solid wood and I new it would last another 30-40 years.  It took a half gallon of paint ($14) and some knobs from Hobby Lobby ($18). I love how it turned out and it fits perfectly in the closet and is out of the way! 

Fresh paint. cute knobs. good as new!



Vintage lace & Doilies 

I pulled from my collection of vintage lace and doilies a piece that fit perfectly across the top of the desk.  I then got a clear plastic desk pad at Office Max to protect and hold the lace in place.