Behind the New Look

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Can you believe it has been over 3 years since Dia Marie Photography was born?  It has been such a thrilling and fulling journey for me.  It hasn't exactly been a smooth ride though juggling a full-time teaching career and playing  single mom every other week made the road pretty bumpy at times. Many days I questioned if I could handle all that I was taking on and was it all worth it.  Whenever I started to feel discouraged my husband,  a man of few words, always said just enough to raise my spirits and help remind me of how far I've come. 

One thing was certain though there was no way I could continue to grow Dia Marie Photography, teach full-time, and raise my boys. Something had to give, so in June of 2013 I retired from teaching, invested in educating myself further in the photography and business world, and began rebranding Dia Marie to align with my vision.

The first step I took in rebranding was hiring the very talented Tim Harper to design my logo and set up my new website.  The inspiration behind my logo came from my love of nature and from a hair pin that belonged to my great grandmother. I've had this hair pin for as long as I can remember. Although I never met my great grandmother I've always felt as though I knew her through the heartwarming stories my mom and grandma would tell. She seemed like such  a kind lady and I always admired her fashionable style.

 The second step I took in the rebranding process was changing my business name from Dia Marie Photography to Sarah Kane Photography. This was one of the most difficult decisions for me to make. Dia is very special to me. Catie, my first niece, is very important in my life. I watched her everyday  from 9-5 the first summer she was born. As a single women still living a bachelorette life this was quite an experience. I loved having her and she even had her very own bedroom in my house. I would be lying if I denied the fact that I also loved the sound of my brother-in-law's car pulling into my driveway every day as well. As hard as it was at times on her very last day with me I cried like a baby when I handed her over to her dad and watched them drive away. My brother-in-law later said he felt like he was children services taking my baby away from me. Well, when Catie began to speak her S made the D sound and Sarah came out as Dia. She is now 9 years old and I've been Dia ever since. My family and newest nephew also call me Dia.  Not only does the name have special meaning Dia Marie Photography has gotten me this far and it's been hard to let it go.  So why did I change my name you may be wondering?  Not many people know who Dia is and at times were confused as to what to call me. As a service focused photographer I feel it's important that my clients are able to really connect with me and what better way than to use my actual name.  

A huge thanks to all of my fans who have followed Dia Marie Photography from the very beginning and for continuing this journey with Sarah Kane Photography!

Logo design by Tim Harper Designs 

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