Questions to Ask a Wedding Photographer's Reference | Sarah Kane Photography

If you really want to get a good idea as to what your photography experience will be like with a certain photographer ask for references!  If a photographer is hesitant or unwilling to give you a list of at least 3 references I would choose another photographer!  This is your chance to get first hand information from a bride and groom who already had the experience.  Make sure the references are of other weddings they've shot.  A family portrait session and wedding are two very different experiences!

If you're wondering what questions to ask a reference here are a few to get you started:

1.  Did the photographer show up on time?

2. Did you feel comfortable and relaxed around the photographer?

3. Did they honor everything that was in the contract or what you discussed?

4. Were they available to answer questions throughout the experience?

5. Did you feel they had your best interests in mind?

6. What did you like best about him/her?

7. What did you like least about him/her?

8. Would you use the same photographer again?

9. How long before you received your images after the wedding?

10. Did the images meet your expectations?