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 Hipster Baby

Hipster Baby

Meet 6 month old Harrison everyone! What fun we had in my studio! He was so happy and giggly. When he wasn't, his mama sure knew how to get him to laugh. There is no better sound than that of a full on belly laugh from a little baby!

The best time for studio portraits and children photography is when your baby is sitting up independently. They are usually pretty happy and proud of themselves for reaching this milestone. They laugh a lot and make the best faces. This is when you and your family will really start to see their little personalities come to life!  It also makes my job pretty easy because they aren't crawling or walking yet and pretty much stay put. In just a few short months they will be on the go and I will be getting my workout chasing them down with my camera!

Harrison was the perfect model. He actually kind of looks like the Gerber baby. So adorable! He was a real trooper through all of his wardrobe changes and humored me as I stuck him in a couple of buckets. The best though, I have to say, was the awesomely adorable hat  (yes I made that word up) Harrison's mom Krystal brought to the session. It was a total little hipster hat. I dug out my youngest son Grady's 1-year-old cake smash knit pants with suspenders and do you know what happened? Amazingness happened that's what! He was off the chain adorable!! I immediately started picturing little Harrison wearing some thick plastic hipster eye glass frames.  I wonder if they actually make those? If not someone should!  Even if I had a pair, as good as Harrison was, I am certain there is no way he would have kept them on without a fight and I am absolutely positive I would have lost. I had to see him in a pair though, so I made my own digital hipster glasses, several pairs actually. The picture turned out just as cute as I had imagined it would. All Harrison needs now is a curly villain mustache!  Yea, you're right that would be a bit much, but pretty funny!

Harrison had reached his limit with me and that was the end of that.

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