Meet Baby Alyssandra | Newborn & Baby Photographer in Midlothian VA & Greater RVA

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Can I just say how much I love having a studio?! Many new doors are being opened for me as a photographer now that I can offer photography services any day of the year, any time of day and any kind of weather. Another very big bonus to all of this is that I get to spend some time with many sweet babies and their families such as the Hood family! Although I love natural light photography and photographing families at the beautiful parks we have her in RVA & Midlothian it's also nice being able to talk to parents and interact with the babies in a confined environment where they can't run off chasing after a bird, leaf or whatever else grabs their attention!  Regardless of whether I am in the studio or at a park my goal is always the same, to capture real moments and every family member's unique personalities.  Yes there tends to be more posing in the studio, but I'm still looking for those candid shots in between that family members will cherish forever. I want my families to look back at their images from a session with me and remember all of the silly faces their baby made or how hard we all worked to get her to giggle, smile and not scream her head off!  If all you see are the polished posed pictures of your baby, it's easy to forget all of those moments. An experience with me is not just about making a beautiful image, it's about creating and preserving memories. After all isn't that the main objective of a photograph?

Alyssandra came into the studio all smiles and did such a great job during her solo performance as we tossed her in buckets and had a few wardrobe changes. When it was time though for the family picture she was no longer humored by me and in true diva style decided it was time for all of us to really start working.  She put up a good front, but her mommy and daddy knew exactly how to make her happy. A little food and a little love from Mom and Dad and she could not contain herself.

As with any session I photograph I always have a hard time putting my camera away because without fail, as soon as I do, an amazing moment happens!  I'm so glad I kept my camera out after Alyssandra's session because some of my favorite pictures is of her getting dressed into her "street" clothes.  Many thanks Hood family for allowing me to photograph your amazing little family and create to  memories with you!