Kayte & Patrick | Engagement at Forest Hill Park in Richmond VA | Sarah Kane Photography

Engagement at Forest Hill Park RVA | Sarah Kane Photography

Fall is absolutely my favorite time of year. I love the changing leaves and the cool breezes. Kayte & Patrick's engagement session at Forest Hill Park was the perfect location for their autumn engagement session. The leaves at the top of the park were at their peak and so vibrant! Kayte & Patrick dressed in their wedding colors which stood out amazingly amidst of all the beautiful colors of the trees! Forest Hill Park has easily become my new favorite location to photograph in the fall.

We started the session out at the top of the hill where the leaves on the trees were breathtaking. They looked like a painting.  We then worked our way down to the lake. Kayte & Patrick were awesome to photograph. They shared such a special connection and were very easy going and laid back. I love that when Kayte's shoes were starting to hurt she kicked them off and walked barefoot, she climbed up on a rock in her dress and when I suggested they head on down into the creek (which was freezing cold)  Kayte & Patrick obliged without hesitation!

I had such a good evening with Kayte & Patrick for their engagement session. We couldn't have asked for better weather which is awesome because we had to reschedule their first session due to rain. It's a good thing we did though because the leaves would not have been nearly as vibrant. It was a very low key night and I hope Kayte & Patrick enjoyed it as much as I did. I'm really looking forward to their wedding next year. I'm even more excited because their two small children will be in the wedding. They are going to attempt to have the 3 year old pull the baby in a wagon. This is going to be awesome! I love seeing what kids will do and no matter what they end up doing they brighten the day even more. Especially when they don't cooperate and decide to do their own thing. It always makes for great pictures and an even more memorable experience. Congratulations Kayte & Patrick. I cannot wait to capture all of the moments of your special day!