Maternity Photographer in Richmond VA | Forest Hill Park | Sarah Kane Photography

Maternity Photographer in Richmond VA | Forest Hill Park

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Another gorgeous maternity session in the great RVA and a morning spent with two very lovely and sweet mamas-to-be! Sarah & Coby are expecting their first baby girl in September and it was such an honor to photograph this very special time in their lives! Their little girl is so fortunate that she will be brought into a family of such love. She will also most likely be spoiled beyond her wildest dreams seeing as she is the first grandchild on Sarah's side of the family and a granddaughter at that. Good luck Sarah & Coby ;) 

I absolutely feel in love with Forest Hill Park the first time I was there. I love so many things about it. For starters the South of the James Farmer's Market every Saturday morning from 8am-12pm. Hands down the best market I've found in Richmond! If you know of any more please comment below! It was only about 3 years ago that I even realized there was an entire park and beautiful trails just down the hill that surrounded a small lake. This park reminds me of the Metro Parks that I left behind in Ohio. It's so peaceful down by the lake, it's hard to believe you are only a few miles away from the city! 

I was very excited when I discovered that Sarah & Coby had never been to this part of the park either and I got to experience it with them for the first time! They were both so down-to-earth and so pleasant to be around. When they talked about their little girl they beamed with joy. Sarah's laugh was infectious and I was thoroughly impressed by her "laughing face". Some people look good laughing on camera and others, like me, can't pull it off as well. I am what you would call a silent laugher, but if you really get me going my face becomes all contorted and it is anything but pretty. 

 I am so grateful that my job allows me to share in a family's happiest and most memorable times in their lives. I am constantly surrounded by so much joy and love and that is truly a gift! This path that I have taken has changed my life in ways that I can not begin to put into words! I am so very happy for Sarah & Coby and this adventure they are about to take. I wish them so much love and happiness and can not wait to meet their little girl! 

This was the best, right at the end of our session baby girl decided to make an appearance and started kicking her mamas for the camera!

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