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Meet Ellis everyone! New to the world this past June and I had the privilege of photographing her with her wonderful family in their beautifully decorated home! I need Christy, who is responsible for the decor, to come to my house and give me some pointers. She credits Pinterest, but you still need to have to be creative and have talent to pull off many things on Pinterest! 

It was so nice spending a couple of hours with the Coggins and getting to know them a little bit. Cooper, Ellis's 2 year old big brother, was into me when I first arrived and gave me the low down on all of his trucks. He was even allowing me to play with some! As with every kid though his age he became bored with me and the chase was on. I don't mind. I like a good challenge and no matter how much kids protest I always end up getting the cutest pictures that really show their personalities and Cooper was no exception!

Charlie, the Coggin's furriest and first child, has adjusted quite well to the new dynamics of his family. He went where they went and was pretty chill the entire time. He was such a good boy! Now let's get to the star of the day, Ellis. She was such a sweet baby and at only a few weeks old was very alert and curious about everything that was going on around her! Some may argue this, but at one point she gave quite a smile for the camera! Thank you so much Coggin family for allowing me into your home to capture such priceless moments. I wish you all much love and happiness of a lifetime! 

Look at those tongues! So cute!

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