Maternity Photography at Meadow Farms in Glen Allen Virginia | Sarah Kane Photography

Maternity Photography at Meadow Farms in Glen Allen Virginia

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I love everything about my job and am always asked what is my favorite type of photography and honestly that's really difficult for me to answer. Every session is so different from families to weddings, newborns to maternity. There is so much I love about all of them, but if I was forced to make a decision I think I would have to say maternity photography may be my favorite! When you're pregnant it feels like you will be carrying that baby forever (that's how I felt anyway) and that your body will never be your own again.  After your last baby is born though and starts to grow older you realize what a short time 9 months really is. I have to admit I wasn't the most pleasant person to be around while I was pregnant (my husband and family will attest to this) In fact I was pretty miserable about 85%  of the time. When I look back at my own maternity images, however they do not evoke feelings of misery. Just the opposite. When I look at them I remember how amazing it was when I first felt my babies kick and how overwhelmingly in love I was with someone that I had never even met. As horrible as I thought pregnancy was when I see those pictures I wish I could go back just for one day and experience that 15% of mind altering, explosive, indescribable feeling of love that takes you to a whole new dimension of your life that you had no idea even existed or was even possible. Being able to capture those moments for other families is such a cool thing!!

Ok enough about me, let's meet the Lilly family!! I had such a nice time at Meadow Farms with Lindsay, Charles and Mackena! Little Mackena was so darling and cooperative! She was so cute and had me laughing because she would run all around and when I would ask her to come back for a picture she would suddenly pull it together and put her game face on, so sweet! I am certain she is going to be an amazing big sister!! Lindsay and Charles were just as nice as could be and it was hard to believe that Lindsay is just weeks away from having her baby, she is so tiny! Big congratulations to them and I wish much love and happiness for their new growing family!