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Newborn Photography in Midlothian & Richmond VA

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I would like to introduce you all to Kameron a very active young man and when I say young I mean only 10 days old! This newborn wanted no parts of sleeping, unless of course he was snuggled up against his mama! He busted through all of my wraps, but he knew what he wanted and that was to just unrestircted and look at everything around him! He did manage to fall asleep at the very end of our session, but it took a lot of work and we had to be very careful because one little loud breath and he jolted awake! I remember my oldest was the same way! I believe that it's called myclonic twitches which is pretty common in newborns. When you are taking pictures of a 10 day old newborn you learn very quickly that they are in charge. It’s ok though he had no problems being absolutely adorable for the camera it was just going to be on his terms and I’m ok with that.

Big brother Keylan did some snuggling with his new baby brother as well, although I’ve got to say he was more interested in all of my kid’s toys than his brother, but really isn’t that every toddler’s job? Someday Brennan & Grady (my kids) are going to realize that I let many other kids play with their toys when they aren’t around and they are not going to be too happy with me! Keylan eventually agreed to be photographed with his new little brother and he was just precious with him! It’s so sweet to watch siblings together. Although they don’t know it yet one day they will be each other’s best friend! They will likely fight like crazy too, but they will share a bond like no other. 

Welcome to the world Kameron and congratulations to the Holmes family! I wish you much love and happiness through out your lives!