Newborn Portraits in Richmond Virginia | Meet Baby Benjamin

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Newborn Portraits in Richmond Virginia

In all of my years of photographing newborn babies I have never had a newborn not spit up or go to the bathroom (multiple times) all over my blankets and other props. It's completely expected and just goes with the territory.  Well, you're about to meet Baby Benjamin who has made history ladies and gentleman! I can't believe it, but Benjamin is the first newborn who didn't get one single mark on any of my things!! Mom, Dad, Big sister and Big brother made it out dry too! I couldn't believe it.  Not only did Benjamin not christen all of my belongings, but he slept like a log the entire time. Kudos to Mom and Dad for following my instructions by keeping him up the few hours before his session and waiting to feed him until they arrived at the studio. It really makes a world of difference!

Baby Benjamin was accompanied by his Mom, Dad, big sister Sitlany and big brother Juve. Sitlany and Juve were absolutely precious with their new little brother. They were both so sweet and gentle with Benjamin. Sitlany is going to be Benjamin's godmother and I have no doubt that she will watch over him throughout his entire life.  Although I've only met Sitlany twice it is evident that nurturing comes naturally to her. There's a purity and innocence about her and when asked if there were any pictures she wanted with her baby brother she had a vision in mind and I am thrilled that everything that I saw in her translated through the image.

newborn portraits | Sarah Kane Photography

Juve was so sweet too, although he wanted nothing to do with laying his head towards the bottom half of his naked baby brother, he humored me and did so with hesitation. I give him a lot of credit because it was a very dangerous game we were playing, but thankfully everyone made it through clean!

newborn  portraits | Sarah Kane Photography

Welcome to the world Baby Benjamin! You have such a wonderful family that I know your life will be filled with so much love and happiness!