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Maternity Photography in Midlothian Virginia

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It's been seven years since my family and I relocated to the Richmond VA area and in that time I have discovered so many beautiful parks through photography.  It was only two years ago though that I realized I didn't have to travel very far because only 5 minutes from my home was this little hidden gem known as Mid-Lothian Mines Park.  I had driven past it numerous times, but never gave it much thought. I guess it must have been the enormous structure that, although eye catching, isn't very pretty and would not make for a nice photograph, so I never really had much interest to stop and explore. One day though we decided to go and check it out and I was amazed to find that on the other side of the road from that gigantic structure were a bunch of really cool trails. One which led us to a tunnel that has become one of my favorite places to photograph!

The park was so beautiful and had so much to offer for exercise, scenery and photography! I immediately booked a session there and was thrilled with the results. This little park continues to amaze and surprise me. When I met soon-to-be parents Rebecca and Jordan at Mid-Lothian Mines Park for Rebecca's maternity session we happened to be there right at the time when the cherry blossoms were in full bloom!  Cherry blossoms? Yeah, I didn't know they were there either!! It was a little DC right in my back yard and I had no idea! Rebecca looked absolutely stunning amidst these wondrous trees. Thanks to Jordon we even had a few petals falling too! It was so beautiful. I felt like I was walking through a wonderland and someplace far far way from Midlothian.

I cannot wait until next year to go back and see the cherry blossoms in full bloom again and maybe even get some of my own family pictures there! I also cannot wait to meet and photograph Baby Steves!!

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