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It's rare that we get more than a couple of inches of snow here in Richmond Va and I am so thankful for that! Growing up in North Eastern Ohio off of Lake Erie, then moving to Syracuse NY and then Buffalo NY I've seen enough snow for a lifetime! I loved the snow as a kid and found it so magical. As much as I dislike winter and snow now, I must say photographing a maternity session for my beautiful neighbor in the midst of one of RVA's worst winter storms has helped me see the beauty and magic of the snow once again.  I'm actually quite jealous of these photos and wish I had them when I was pregnant! A winter photography session in Richmond is by chance and cannot be scheduled. It's such a rare event that when it does happen it's even more special. Thank you Kendall for helping me restore my love of snow (even if for just one day), but now it's time for it to go. Day 3 of being trapped in the house is more than I can take!